Saturday, November 20, 2010


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I write for a reason -- it's therapeutic -- and I am a writer, which means I'm typically good with written word, not so much spoken word.

And today I need to say goodbye to a cherished friend. Look closely, the horse on the left is the horse on the cover of Waiting For Yes... His name is WDA Orion, and he was a dream come true.

Not only for my breeding futures, or the business plan for my Arabian breeding program. No, this handsome man was a friend. Like so many Arabians, he had a personality that refused to let him be "just a horse" or "just a business investment." Not only was he breathtaking to look at, he was breathtaking to be around. He communicated with me through his eyes. When we drove into the farm, he came running up to the car door and waited for us to get out. Once or twice, he even tried to follow us into the house. Would have, if we hadn't ushered him right back outside. (more at my blog)

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The Dreamweavers said...

Oh, I am so sorry for your loss. I will pray that your pain is eased, because I know that it is real and deep. Some believe that animals do not have a soul, but I disagree. Dogs are my passion. I know that the creatures we invite into our hearts return the love tenfold. So, I'm glad that you had the blessing of feeling that love, girl. I also know you understand that and will call to mind the beautiful moments when the loss seems overwhelming: ) Thinking of you. Janet

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