Thursday, June 2, 2011

Butt In Chair Report

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Hello all!

Well, as I was talking to Dyann on the phone tonight about progress and what we'd written today, it reminded me that a looooong time ago we used to have Butt In Chair reports. And since I am procrastinating going to bed, but don't have enough time to write another chapter, I thought I'd drop in here and provide an update on what I'm working on.

Today I wrote 5 chapters in my WIP Paranormal novella. That translates to roughly 12K words! You see, I'm on a crunch here. I have to have this finished and submitted by June 6, and other mandatory stuff bumped it. So today I sent my children outdoors, even turned a blind eye when they showed up on the porch literally covered head to toe in mud, and did nothing but write.

And I am loving my story. Sadly, I've run out of physical energy to keep the midnight oil burning longer and crank out another chapter. But, my hard effort has paid off, as I am now 68% finished with the book, and that's 20% more accomplished than I had achieved as of yesterday.

Tomorrow, after meeting with my wonderful DreamWeaver partners, I hope to crank out three chapters. Which should leave me finishing the book on Friday sometime, composing the synopsis, and getting it sent off.

Maybe I'll hear back about the first one in the series by then too :)

Till next time,

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