Thursday, October 7, 2010

Stumbling Into the 21st Century

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What do critique partners, blogging, and putting on my 'big girl panties' have in common?
I've been dragged, kicking and screaming, into the the 21st century. I'm one of those people who are computer illiterate. No, that's wrong. I know just enough to be dangerous. Until now, I've refused to see my computer as something more than a glorified typewriter.Besides, my husband is the IT officer at his office-- he'd do all that 'stuff' for me. Why should I have to know how to do anything? Who cared?

Let me tell you.

My first book, A Perfect Bride for Christmas, is coming out on November 12th from The Wild Rose Press. I thought, okay, that's done-- on to the next book. Ideas are flowing and I'm ready for my characters to hit the page. Not so fast my friend. Did you know there was a business end to this whole getting published gig? I had a vague idea, some abstract notion that I might have to do 'something'. Marketing hit me in the face like lemon meringue pie.

Website construction is the first. Now that has been a dozy. My critique partner generously offered to help me tidy up my website and make it look presentable to any agents that might take a peek. I actually had to have content. My brain was ready to burst. Then there's the whole bookmark thing which again, my overworked critique partner guided me through the rocky shoals. This went above and beyond.

There's more. One friend strongly suggested I get on Twitter. Another Facebook. Yikes-- then blogging. I began to feel overwhelmed and relied on everyone to do these things for me. At one point, both my critique partner and husband stopped holding my hand or refused to listen to my whines of "But I don't know nothin' about doing a blog, or how to do a book trailer." Their look said, "Frankly, my dear. I don't give a damn." Don't get me wrong, it was more an nudge in the right direction than a complete refusal to help. They gave me some tools and told me to go for it but they wouldn't do whatever I needed. I had to learn to do them for myself.

I'm still shaky on a lot of this stuff. All my critique partners will offer helpful hints if I get to the point of banging my head against my desk but I know I have to man up and do things myself.
Now I'm working on a book trailer, stumbling and falling along the way, but I'm finding myself enjoying the experience.

It's baby steps but that's what it takes.


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The Dreamweavers said...

Ahh, I'm proud of you! And I feel your pain. Peter at Kensington confirmed the necessity of authors maintaining a website and blog. My daughter, Meghan, has already informed me that we are building a website when she comes home for Thanksgiving break. Thank God she has learned how at KU Media Center job. But she'll still make me do the work; )

Alta said...

I'm so proud of you Dyann! I knew you could do it :)
Hey, you're ahead of me in the game. I still need to get a website, and I haven't even thought of trailers yet...probably because I don't have a website ;)
Happy blogging!

Claire Ashgrove said...

I'm proud too! And I'm giggling.

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