Thursday, October 21, 2010

Twitchy Fingers

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Well, for the first time in probably the last two years, I'm confronted with the reality that... I'm not writing right now. And I have twitchy, itchy fingers.

I finished up my last project, affectionately known as The Monster, a couple weeks ago. Decided then that it was time to catch up on some much-needed house-keeping writing wise. So I caught up on some blogs that I follow, touched base with a few authors I don't talk to nearly enough, and have been doing this and that here and there, for the last ten days or so.

Then, edits landed in my lap, for my last Wild Rose project and a few cleaning up tasks required on a manuscript my agent is working with. And it was time to do some piddling with my 3rd Templar book as well.

So here I am... with the cleaning up tasks left, and 9 contest entries to judge for MARA, and I can't put a single creative word on paper. I'm going crazy!

The plan is that I'm going to get these things finished over the weekend and actually read. Then, come Nov 1, I'm delving into a new project, with my critique partners (I think) and playing NaNoWriMo. But man... that seems so far away...

Wail. What am I going to do?! This idleness is killing me.

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Alta said...

I think it's good to take a break every now and then and just unwind. Read some books you've been dying to read. A good book always inspires me :)
Watch movies with the kids, play with the giant puppy. Climb a tree. All sorts of things you can do before Nov 1 :) But if you get really bored, I'll help you out. I have a house that needs some cleaning. I'd be more than willing to let you work off your idleness here if you need to ;)

Claire Ashgrove said...

Um. Clean? Eeegads. Thank you... but no :P

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