Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Sharing A New Cover

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Hi all! Popping in to share a new cover with all of you.

Misunderstanding Mason
(Coming 2011)
Digital novella

Sometimes the most vivid pictures go unseen...

When Kirstin Jones agreed to work with Mason on a free-lance job for a wealthy client, she never thought it would destroy her five-year relationship. But with the client’s keen observance, she began to realize she was nothing more than Mason’s shadow. Fed up with his insensitivities, she moved out – into their next door neighbor’s house. Desperate to stand on her own, she accepts work with the same client once again. Only this time, the project requires Mason’s help. To obtain his aid, she must meet his terms. And what he wants is more than she can afford.

Mason Montgomery is baffled by Kirstin’s claims that he never has time for her. While verbalizing his emotions has never been his strong point, he’s spent five years showing his love. He needs Kirstin more than he wants to admit, and when she up and leaves him, he’ll stop at nothing to get her back… Even if that means working with the client who twisted truths and tore his life apart.

This time Mason's not leaving room for misunderstandings.


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